I suck at business as usual.

But I'm really good at change.


Once, when I was deciding whether to finish a PhD in medieval literature, a very wise professor described me as a 'constellator' - he meant that, deep down, I'd hate thinking about just one problem for three years. Instead, I'm always drawing the next connection, getting excited about how we can connect the old with the new. I listened, gave up the PhD, and forged a career out of constellating.

I love leading teams, using technology to connect cool humans, and big to-do lists in neat handwriting.

If you'd like the official version, connect with me over here.


some things i've Done

  • Connected library resources across Australia, so that digital resources in Victoria now fuel the education of kids in the outback

  • Made the State Library of Victoria the most-followed library in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Created a fashion business and worldwide community for unusually tall women and girls

  • Dressed the world's tallest model Amazon Eve, and met Shaquille O'Neal. They are both still a bit taller than me

  • Ran social media management of 'Exercise Erebus', a full-scale terrorist attack simulation, with Victoria Police

  • Created an iconic mascot for the University of Melbourne

  • Led a team of 7 managing major ad campaigns, flagship publications, websites and more

  • Won an award for professional excellence and innovation

  • Heaps of public speaking, teaching and podcasting

  • Perfected maple cured, hickory smoked bacon

  • Won several medals for my homemade wines and liqueurs. You can find my recipes and thoughts on booze at smallbatchbooze.com.au

Anne is one of the most dedicated marketing and social media professionals I have ever worked with. Enthusiastic and diligent, Anne is able to wield all of the tools available to social media professionals to meet the needs of any situation. Perhaps Anne’s greatest ability is her ability to forge internal networks in an internally (very) difficult organisation and use these networks to promote best practice and achieve real, tangible results. Not afraid to question the status quo or request help and resources where they are needed, Anne is a joy to have as a report. She can be trusted to work autonomously for long periods, runs a tight ship as a manager and delivers outstanding results. She will do amazing things with her career.
— Paul Tagell, now at Ferocia
As a Media Specialist, a large part of my role involves promoting the University to mainstream press around the world as an institution that prides itself as being a sector-leader across all aspects of its day-to-day business. My job is made infinitely easier when I can point to campaigns such as Anne’s that are truly different-in-market, and difference-making.
— David Scott, now at Envato
Anne kickstarted my career in digital marketing and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. When I first met Anne, I was a zoology student interested in transitioning to marketing. At the time, I had created the largest student-run blog at the University but I lacked formal experience. Through a paid internship program she created, I was offered an opportunity to intern with her in 2014. Anne was an excellent mentor to me over the course of the internship (and even to this day) - she gave me confidence in my skills and helped me see what I’m capable of. I’m forever in debt to Anne for opening the doors to my marketing career, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again one day.
— Daphane Ng, now at Visit Victoria