Here are some projects I'm really proud of.


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A new home for scholarships at the university of melbourne.

We knew that a big slice of all search traffic to the University websites came via scholarship enquiries, but we weren't collecting leads through our existing, very outdated site.

In early 2017 I led user needs testing, which further revealed that most students didn’t think there were scholarships available except to extreme high achievers. Lots were passing on UoM as a result and we were missing out on a big slice of the market.

In our new site - delivered in less than four months and requiring the help of over 80 content owners - we've gone mobile-first, with user led design, showcasing the support we offer to students with a wide variety of interests and needs. Sign up forms and nurture tracks allow us to talk to students about the things that matter most to them - from role models for women considering STEMM careers, to disability support and budget advice.

Cool humans I worked with on this one include:

Sunni Cooper, Tom Stringer, Alan Baxter, Cathy Roberts, Robert Westerink and the team at Today


change of preference personalised video

If 18 year-olds notice traditional media, they're usually annoyed by it - increasingly they also ignore social ads. But we know that the one thing students really want to know before they choose a university is, 'what will my life be like'? 

Shot from a student’s point of view and digitally personalized throughout, our welcome video invites potential students to see their own first day at Melbourne. A different video was sent to every one of around 32,000 hot leads on the same morning they got their VCE results, and short versions were also promoted with a targeted social/YouTube buy. Each student had control over their own video, with three 'choose your own adventure' touch points.

This personal approach resulted in a record response - for example, with a 208% increase in conversion over Instagram on the previous year, with 1/6 the budget.  We have now integrated this video into an automated welcome series for every new lead. We even hear from mums in Malaysia that they watch it every day!

“It’s like they want to tap into what you want, and what you will make possible. It’s giving me the sense I will be a world citizen, not just get a degree.”
— Year 12 student
This project brought together some very new technology, with data on student needs, and
true empathy for students nearing the end of their schooling. It showed prospective students what life could be like for them at our University, in a way that was relevant to them and delivered on their own terms.
— Paul Duldig, Head of University Services

Cool humans I worked with on this one include:

Amanda Sever, Erin Wilson, Claudia Hooper, Laura Fernandez, Rachel Cummins, Alice Grinton, Paula Ferriera, Susannah Woodward, and the team at Data Creative.

snapchat, and a mascot for the university of melbourne

When Snapchat was first launched, most Universities were uneasy about the platform. With my team Carl Jackson and Daphane Ng (now both hot shot social media professionals in their own right), we developed the world's first University Snapchat strategy. We would talk with students in real time, listen to their questions, and have a little fun with the brand.

But who would be in the selfies?

We had an office bear, now well known to the world as Barry - after the University's first Chancellor Redmond Barry. He featured in many snaps, then instagram pics, then animated gifs... then we bought a costume and trained a team... and now he is a social media star, particularly in China.  Barry is for sale in University stores through campus and is by far the main (non-academic) attraction for students visiting us at Open Day.

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Cool humans I worked with on this one include:

Carl Jackson, Daphane Ng, Andi Horvath, Yves Makhoul, Erin Wilson