Shiraz, Cabernet and Blackberry wine


My first year making wine from grapes (and only my second making wine at all), but I had a dream of a wine I tasted at the Eltham show last year. I had a go at replicating it without a recipe, because why the heck not.

  • One box each of fairly dodgy South Australian Shiraz and Cabernet grapes, 5.4kg of blackberries, 2.2kg of sugar, and 6L water to bring the OG down to 1.08. 
  • Day 1, added p-meta (that baby is cute, but the feet can't be trusted), and pectic enzyme
  • Day 2, added 1g/l tartaric acid, 1kg sugar in strong syrup, 1 pack Vintner's Harvest R56 and 1 pack VR21, both rehydrated in go-ferm. I mixed the yeast, no excuses for that one (rookie) - should have done one fermenter for each.
  • Lag of 7 hours. Pitched 14.5g Fermaid O
  • 7 days on skins and seeds before racking
  • Significant issues with sulfur; several splash rackings and some copper sorted it out
  • Put through a malolactic fermentation over winter, and bottled in the spring. Easy drinking, smooth and rich with a little residual sugar... looking forward to this in six months.